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Seizing The Moment: How COVID Could Change Healthcare, Ft. Shantanu Nundy, Md


COVID stressed healthcare but showed us a better future.


Care After COVID…by Shantanu Nundy, MD

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Shantanu Nundy, MD, is no stranger to healthcare policy and patient care. He’s a physician, entrepreneur and technologist “passionate about reinventing healthcare for all.” He’s a CMO for a company working to improve health outcomes, a primary care doc in the Washington, DC area, and a lecturer in health policy at the George Washington Milken Institute for Public Health and advisor to the World Bank Group on digital health and innovation.

So we were grateful that he offered to sit down with Dave, M4 Holly Conger, M1s AJ Chowdhury and Rick Gardner, and M3 Emma Barr to talk about his new book Care After COVID. He shows us a future that COVID has revealed as possible for healthcare if we have the will to make it happen: in which technology is a tool that puts patients at the center of everything physicians and systems do.

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the crudest patient


Photo by christopher frier brown

Dave wants to help his co-hosts–M1s Nathan Spitz, Cody West, and newbs Chris Halbur and Eli Schmidt–in their journey to physician-hood, so he puts on his medical educator hat and visits Yahoo! Answers.  He also discovers that when discussing his complaint with the doctor, he wants to be the crudest possible kind of patient.

Senorina Espanole (not her real name) writes in to tell us what she’s doing to keep busy and help her community while being socially distant.  And Dave explains why toilet paper hoarding might not actually be what’s happening.

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This Week in Medical News

In another sign that the old rules which society and even medicine function were, to some extent, arbitrary, the FDA has relaxed the blood donation guidelines for gay men.  Doctors treating patients with COVID can’t get adequate PPE, or tests, and now they can’t even get paid.  And the White House fax machine ran out of paper but because we live in THE FYOOOOTTTUURE, luckily hospitals can email their COVID testing results in!

We Want to Hear From You

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Doctor, Artist, Writer, Teacher


Melissa Palma met former transplant surgeon Hani Elkadi in the clinic, and when they got to talking  she realized she couldn’t keep him to herself. Kaci McCleary, John Pienta, and Nicholas Sparr join her for a discussion of his youth in the middle east, the choices (or lack thereof) that led him along the winding road of life.   Dr. Elkadi discusses the role of technology and how it’s changed medicine both for the better and the worse, shares stories from his medical training, the role of volunteering in medical training, and the trap specialists sometimes fall into when trying to treat patients.

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Technology to Make Med School Easier

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Photo by Crystl
Photo by Crystl

Medical School is hard work. Between the information to memorize and the concepts to understand, along with the time you’ll spend on it all, it seems ripe for technological intervention. Can an app really help you memorize anatomy? Can a website really help you make medical decisions? Can a table really help you get organized? We recently surveyed students here at the UI Carver College of Medicine and on Reddit, asking them for recommendations and tips on using tech during medical school. Listen in as Cole Cheney, Aline Sandouk, John Pienta, Lisa Wehr, and Greg Woods wade through the results.
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Freestyling in Boulware!


This week, Lisa Wehr and I talk about the dangers of lady hurricanes (do NOT ignore a lady or you will suffer).  A Yale prof get’s addicted to an exercise app.  Bringing cheaper medical equipment to developing countries.  Iowa’s new Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building is nearing completion, which is nice for science but even nicer for people who don’t want to look at mounds of dirt any more. X-factors in med school applications–what is (was) yours?  Apple moves on creating a place to store all the data your apps are currently housing separately.

Listen to Episode 034: Freestyling in Boulware!.

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What Tech Makes Med School Easier?


When you’re drinking from the firehose, you need a good straw.  This is why medical students often turn to technology to help distill everything down into something they can actually remember and use.  But buried under a mountain of technological possibilities, it’s really difficult to decide on what level of dependence on technology you’ll accept, what apps to use, what websites to trust, how to establish a workflow for studying, whether or not residents (or worse, patients) will ding you for whipping out your smartphone during rounds, how to keep all your devices charged, and how to pay for it all.

Students Alison Pletch, Jesse Van Maanen, and Cole Cheney talked about the tech they use;  what about you?  

Listen to Episode 029: What Tech Makes Med School Easier?.

The opinions expressed in this feed and podcast are not those of the University of Iowa or the Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine.