graphic showing Shantanu Nundy against a backddrop of a hospital emergency room, with text COULD COVID CHANGE MEDICINE?

Seizing The Moment: How COVID Could Change Healthcare, Ft. Shantanu Nundy, Md


COVID stressed healthcare but showed us a better future.


Care After COVID…by Shantanu Nundy, MD

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Shantanu Nundy, MD, is no stranger to healthcare policy and patient care. He’s a physician, entrepreneur and technologist “passionate about reinventing healthcare for all.” He’s a CMO for a company working to improve health outcomes, a primary care doc in the Washington, DC area, and a lecturer in health policy at the George Washington Milken Institute for Public Health and advisor to the World Bank Group on digital health and innovation.

So we were grateful that he offered to sit down with Dave, M4 Holly Conger, M1s AJ Chowdhury and Rick Gardner, and M3 Emma Barr to talk about his new book Care After COVID. He shows us a future that COVID has revealed as possible for healthcare if we have the will to make it happen: in which technology is a tool that puts patients at the center of everything physicians and systems do.

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