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In-episode messages with The Short Coat Podcast identifies and describes sponsors, and can offer a crucial complement to any ad campaign. The terms below are intended to protect the interests of the University of Iowa, the Carver College of Medicine, and our student co-hosts, but are also about what works best for sponsors and listeners.  The following information constitutes the terms of sponsorship and may be altered without notice; with your sponsorship you indicate your understanding, acceptance, and any future revision of these terms.


  • pre-roll 30-second host-read: $60/episode
  • pre-roll 15-second host-read: $35/episode
  • mid-roll 30 second host-read: $45/episode
  • mid-roll 15 second host-read: $25/episode
  • post-roll sponsored interview: CALL FOR RATES

Messaging that works on podcasts:

  • Focus on clarity: State who you are, what you do, and where listeners can learn more.
  • Focus on features: Instead of “colorful and bright,” say “12 neon colors.” Podcast listeners prefer specific information.
  • Include current creative: Established slogans are allowed and may integrate with existing creative.
  • Acknowledge shared values: Where possible, underscore agreement with Short Coat Podcast, Carver College of Medicine, and listener values:
    • service to others
    • research
    • scientific literacy
    • evidence-based practices
    • positivity
    • collaboration instead of competition.

Sponsorship messages may not include some kinds of statements.

As a part of a public state education institution, the Short Coat Podcast are prohibited from some kinds of statements or sponsors.

  • Comparative language (e.g., “leader,” “largest,” “the only”)
  • Language that expresses a view about a matter of public interest
  • Personal pronouns or language that implies the University of Iowa, the Carver College of Medicine, or the Short Coat Podcast endorses a product
  • Health claims
  • Products or services for test preparation, pharmaceuticals, med school admissions
  • Other services or products that conflict with the mission of the University of Iowa, the Carver College of Medicine, or the Short Coat Podcast

Copy that does not conform to the above guidelines will be returned for revision, and may cause delays in your messaging. We reserve unconditionally the right to refuse sponsorships.

Submitting copy for podcast campaigns:

  • Copy must be received one week prior to episode release date.
  • You choose: host can perform a ‘straight read’ of your copy, or can be allowed latitude to insert banter and ad-lib.

Additional information

  • Circumstances may mean that we occasionally re-release prior episodes which may not include your message; therefore sponsors’ release date requests may be adjusted accordingly and without notice.
  • In the event of missed sponsorship units, an additional unit will be included in a future episode at no additional cost. Us About Your Sponsorship 

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