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What We’re Still Doing, What Brings Us Joy

Photo by Martin Lindstrom

Dave asked listeners what they’re doing to help out in the time of COVID-19 and got some responses back to talk about.  These things, whether big or small, directly related or tangential to this public health crisis–even if it means staying at home–are all part of an unusual effort among the people of the world to contribute to a greater purpose.  Whether it’s making PPE, making explainer videos, picking up garbage outside, or staying home, it’s all important.

Which reminded Dave of a New Yorker article on why many people find it so difficult to believe that this massive effort of social distancing and lockdowns is a good idea.

And we talk about the things that still are able to bring us joy even when we can’t venture out of the house.

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A Touching Episode

touch photo
Keep that filthy thing away from me. Photo by HeyDanielle

Listener Mitch writes in to ask what this week’s co-hosts (Tony Rosenberg, Alex Volkmar, Rob Humble, and Nicole Morrow) wish they knew before they got to medical school. What should Mitch think about debt? Seeking honors? Voluntourism? And with the news that an artificial fingertip was successfully wired to an amputee’s nerves allowing him to detect rough and smooth surfaces, Dave decides it’s time to test the amazing sense of touch. This may or may not be an excuse for Dave to get his co-hosts to wear bags on their heads. Continue reading A Touching Episode

Doctor, Artist, Writer, Teacher


Melissa Palma met former transplant surgeon Hani Elkadi in the clinic, and when they got to talking  she realized she couldn’t keep him to herself. Kaci McCleary, John Pienta, and Nicholas Sparr join her for a discussion of his youth in the middle east, the choices (or lack thereof) that led him along the winding road of life.   Dr. Elkadi discusses the role of technology and how it’s changed medicine both for the better and the worse, shares stories from his medical training, the role of volunteering in medical training, and the trap specialists sometimes fall into when trying to treat patients.

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