Technology to Make Med School Easier

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Photo by Crystl
Photo by Crystl

Medical School is hard work. Between the information to memorize and the concepts to understand, along with the time you’ll spend on it all, it seems ripe for technological intervention. Can an app really help you memorize anatomy? Can a website really help you make medical decisions? Can a table really help you get organized? We recently surveyed students here at the UI Carver College of Medicine and on Reddit, asking them for recommendations and tips on using tech during medical school. Listen in as Cole Cheney, Aline Sandouk, John Pienta, Lisa Wehr, and Greg Woods wade through the results.

While there are certainly plenty of apps out there to try, in general the info we got boiled down to a few major app winners and platform leaders, and some others to try, too. Because what it all comes down to is there’s more than one way to study medicine, and you’ll just have to try them to see which one is best for you.  For seasoned med students these apps and sites will be familiar.  For those who’ are looking f or alternatives, our discussion may help.

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