Stoking and Stroking

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head transplant photo
Please don’t call it a head transplant… Photo by madnzany

Aline Sandouk shares her secret to stoking the fires of studying, in which bombastic music plays a part, which is great so long as it doesn’t cross the line into wanting to go to war or whatever. John Pienta adds a little class by mentioning philosophers whose names Dave can’t remember but which were nonetheless on fleek. Terrence Wong thinks happiness is overrated, and the rest of the team–Nathan Miller, and Kaci McCleary–seems to be more or less on board with that, perhaps saying something about how everyone’s week went.

Also, a TED talk by neuroanatomist Jill Bolte-Tayler and Australian forensic psychologist David Roland’s essay on their strokes and their fascination with the experience.  A discussion on the nature of thought and consciousness.  Pathologists might want to stop naming things just before lunch, apparently.  And “head transplants” are on their way, if you believe the media and some Italian scientist.

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