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12 thoughts on “Talk to Us!”

  1. Hey guys great show!

    one thing that is always interesting, is the panic that ensues after outbreaks like the recent zika virus. what should we believe when there is a lot of misinformation out there?

    1. I bet we’ll talk about this on a future show (and BTW, we’ll be talking about Zika with Brazil’s leading expert in a couple weeks, unless it all goes pear-shaped on us). Number one rule: NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA when it comes to science reporting. Their job isn’t to get it right but to sell ads. Number two rule: never trust a Facebook post on the subject from Aunt Lillian (or any subject, you know how Lillian is). Number three rule: keep calm and carry on!

  2. Hey guys,

    Totally copying and pasting my earlier question and your response from January into my PSYC essay– Science and the Media. Fits perfectly!

    Filled 1/4 a page 😀


    1. Hah! You only heard a fraction of the original “Daves” that John uttered. I think he was glitching. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I think the election episode was problematic. It might have been helpful to actually have some folks that voted for Trump help explain their thought process to you. Instead there was a pretty one sided characterization of the other side as either bigoted or too ignorant to realize their vote was bigoted. It’s possible your hearts were in the right place but the execution was off. This didn’t come across at all as an honest attempt to understand both sides but rather a patronizing overgeneralization of the “other” side that really missed significant flaws in the democratic candidate and a number of policy differences that fuel a number of single issue voters. I generally enjoy the discussions so I want to encourage you all…you are capable of better.

  4. I just started listening to your show about a week ago. I’m new to podcasts in general and have found your show to be quite addicting. Instead of dreading my daily two hour commute, I actually look forward to it! Anyway, I was wondering if you had considered adding a little information to your introductions at the beginning of every show. I’m listening to the episodes in a backwards order and during the first few episodes I heard, I was confused as to what year the different students were. I picked up these details throughout the episodes but if you were to mention the student’s year as you introduce them, it may give a little extra context to their comments, especially for new listeners. Thanks again for an amazing show!

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