Review The Short Coat Podcast on iTunes


frustrationDamn, iTunes. Why you gotta be so hard?

iTunes makes it a bit annoying to leave reviews, but we need them so we know we’re loved (or not, I guess, but what are the chances.)

  • Click here (opens in new window)
  • Click the View in iTunes button (iTunes app will open)
  • Click "Ratings and Reviews"
  • Click the Write a Review button.
  • Write your review.
  • Have a frosty beverage of your choice.

(Why leave a review? Podcasts depend heavily on the reviews listeners leave.  iTunes uses them to determine whether to bring them to the attention of potential listeners.  Under the right conditions, iTunes will feature them in their New and Noteworthy lists for a category.  How does that work?  No one knows. But reviews clearly help through some  algorithm locked away in the Apple vaults guarded by the spectre of the ineffable Steve Jobs himself. )

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