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The Meaning of Purposelessness

On This Episode:

Join this week’s co-hosts M4 Madeline Cusimano, M3 Nathen Spitz, M3 Mason LaMarche, and M4 Ananya Munjal for the show!

  • Facing a content-free episode, we discuss what medical students do when they’re avoiding purpose and meaning (ie., they want to just have fun).
  • We discuss a more nuanced view of work-life balance in medicine than is usually discussed (referenced: this Medscape article).
  • Madeline challenges the gang to play 5-second rule, Medicine Edition.
  • Bonus: As many tangents and asides as we can fit into an hour.
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the crudest patient


Photo by christopher frier brown

Dave wants to help his co-hosts–M1s Nathan Spitz, Cody West, and newbs Chris Halbur and Eli Schmidt–in their journey to physician-hood, so he puts on his medical educator hat and visits Yahoo! Answers.  He also discovers that when discussing his complaint with the doctor, he wants to be the crudest possible kind of patient.

Senorina Espanole (not her real name) writes in to tell us what she’s doing to keep busy and help her community while being socially distant.  And Dave explains why toilet paper hoarding might not actually be what’s happening.

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This Week in Medical News

In another sign that the old rules which society and even medicine function were, to some extent, arbitrary, the FDA has relaxed the blood donation guidelines for gay men.  Doctors treating patients with COVID can’t get adequate PPE, or tests, and now they can’t even get paid.  And the White House fax machine ran out of paper but because we live in THE FYOOOOTTTUURE, luckily hospitals can email their COVID testing results in!

We Want to Hear From You

Senorina Espanola sent in a question–what about you? Call us at 347-SHORTCT anytime or email theshortcoats@gmail.com.  It’s what good listeners do!

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