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Advice For Incoming Medical Students–Friends, Studying, Specialties, And More!


Some things all students should know when entering medical school

  • Riley, Sahaana, Nicole, and newbie Mao discuss their answers to questions that incoming students often ask about medical school
  • How do you find friends? Should you date classmates? How do you find your specialty? What kind of living situation works best?
  • In the news: a medical student is suspended for allegedly retaliating against a patient with an extra needlestick; and we try to replicate the latest science from Tik Tok. Yes, it’s the Hanger Reflex.

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What Tech Makes Med School Easier?


When you’re drinking from the firehose, you need a good straw.  This is why medical students often turn to technology to help distill everything down into something they can actually remember and use.  But buried under a mountain of technological possibilities, it’s really difficult to decide on what level of dependence on technology you’ll accept, what apps to use, what websites to trust, how to establish a workflow for studying, whether or not residents (or worse, patients) will ding you for whipping out your smartphone during rounds, how to keep all your devices charged, and how to pay for it all.

Students Alison Pletch, Jesse Van Maanen, and Cole Cheney talked about the tech they use;  what about you?  

Listen to Episode 029: What Tech Makes Med School Easier?.

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