Second Shot–Enabling Outdoor Pursuits

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Second Shot
Volunteers at Second Shot assist Chris Norton Photo courtesy Second Shot

This time on The Short Coat, CCOM physical therapy student Reid Wilson stops by to tell Aline Sandouk, Cole Cheney, and Greg Woods about Second Shot. Reid is an outdoorsman and hunter. When his dog Zeus was laid up with a broken leg but clearly hankering to go out and do his thing in the woods, it occurred to Reid that Zeus likely wasn’t the only one. There were plenty of people like Zeus who, despite their physical disabilities, could benefit from time in the outdoors. And so, Second Shot was born to create opportunities for people to get out there and experience the outdoors once again.

Also, New Yorkers find out they’re rubbing their grubby little hands up against the plague and dysentery in the subway; Puerto Rico is thinking about taxing obese kids’ parents, because that makes total sense; how much money the healthiest among us can earn by donating plasma haha, no, feces; fake medical journals preying on the publication-challenged; a smartphone accessory that detects HIV as well as the best tests; Ebola lives in bodies longer than we thought; and a royal marine’s amputation reveals a less-than-inspirational message, to which he says, “whatever, I’ll be over here kicking ass.”

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