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Power Poses, Mesh Body Suits, and the Return of Dr. Love

Feel the power! (photo by Corey Christensen)
Feel the power! (photo by Corey Christensen)

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s well known TED talk discusses the utility of ‘power poses,’ and medical students are always looking for ways to feel more powerful.  So Dave challenges Ellie Ginn, Tony Rosenberg, Marc Toral, and Mark Moubarek to give them a try.  Zika remains a force for making people crazy, and Brazil has banned the use of a larvicide incorrectly linked with  Monsanto as a result of a report from a group of Argentinian physicians who advocate for the ban of insecticides.  Tony suggests a better option: mosquito-mesh body suits.  In fact, he’s full of ideas, including replacing the traditional family-medicine feces chart, used to help patients discuss their poop with their doctors, with plastinated specimens; and he’s considering launching a company that offers fecal transplants from specimens provided by celebrities and sports figures.

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Second Shot–Enabling Outdoor Pursuits

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Second Shot
Volunteers at Second Shot assist Chris Norton Photo courtesy Second Shot

This time on The Short Coat, CCOM physical therapy student Reid Wilson stops by to tell Aline Sandouk, Cole Cheney, and Greg Woods about Second Shot. Reid is an outdoorsman and hunter. When his dog Zeus was laid up with a broken leg but clearly hankering to go out and do his thing in the woods, it occurred to Reid that Zeus likely wasn’t the only one. There were plenty of people like Zeus who, despite their physical disabilities, could benefit from time in the outdoors. And so, Second Shot was born to create opportunities for people to get out there and experience the outdoors once again.
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The M1s Are All Right

love me tapeworm! by kaelyn, Flickr

One week of the semester gone, and M1s Aline Sandouk, Ethan Craig, and Nathan Miller report in on their experiences.  Who’s their favorite lecturer?  They won’t say, but they seem to be alive, well, and moving right along. Also, the FDA thinks we should regulate the use of feces as a drug. How an extreme athlete who isn’t a scientist did what she always does–pushes through the pain–to discover her genetic flaw when no-one else could. A company founded by a medical student with a bioengineering background comes up with a smart, simple, easy way to treat a scourge of childbirth in developing countries–postpartum hemorrhage. And a quick plug for The Discover Fit & Health channel which continues its fine tradition of infotainment programming with “Untold Stories of the ER,” featuring a story of a woman who fed her daughter tapeworms to get her ready for that all-important beauty pageant.

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