Power Poses, Mesh Body Suits, and the Return of Dr. Love

Feel the power! (photo by Corey Christensen)
Feel the power! (photo by Corey Christensen)

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s well known TED talk discusses the utility of ‘power poses,’ and medical students are always looking for ways to feel more powerful.  So Dave challenges Ellie Ginn, Tony Rosenberg, Marc Toral, and Mark Moubarek to give them a try.  Zika remains a force for making people crazy, and Brazil has banned the use of a larvicide incorrectly linked with  Monsanto as a result of a report from a group of Argentinian physicians who advocate for the ban of insecticides.  Tony suggests a better option: mosquito-mesh body suits.  In fact, he’s full of ideas, including replacing the traditional family-medicine feces chart, used to help patients discuss their poop with their doctors, with plastinated specimens; and he’s considering launching a company that offers fecal transplants from specimens provided by celebrities and sports figures.

Also, Wake Forest researchers have 3D printed implantable body parts, including muscle, bone, and cartilage.    A hospital in California has it’s data hacked and held hostage, and it pays up $17,000 to get it back. And a certain ambitious 18-year-old, of whom we spoke in around this time last year, is back in the news for opening a clinic and practicing medicine without a license.

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