Searching for Cures from Old-Timey Remedies, Dopamine Headphones, and Cuban Vaccines

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These new headphones are FANTASTIIIIICCC! Photo by gurms

Corbin Weaver visits the local grocery store to hear a presentation on pelvic floor disorders, part of the store’s health outreach efforts, and marvels at the fact that A) many people seem to have a very foggy notion of anogenital functions, and B) that some also seem to have no inhibitions about bringing up embarrassing bodily foibles in a room full of strangers.  Also, Dave points out that sometimes medical research reaches into the past to ‘discover’ ancient remedies that actually work. So Corbin, Mark Moubarek, Alex Volkmar, and new host Erin Renfrew sample and evaluate some folk- and old-timey prescriptions to see if they have any merit, aside from causing very bad breath and wet, salty feet.  

Meanwhile, Obama will ask for a bunch of dollars to fund a longitudinal NIH database of a million regular people and their health data, which seeks to enable the delivery of precision medicine.   We discuss the burgeoning startup scene involving talk therapy apps and the problems they can and can’t solve.  A company wants to sell us some vagus-nerve-stimulating headphones to cheer you up, and not at all to make you puke.  The US is going to be working together with Cuba to bring that country’s lung cancer vaccine to our shores.  And Erin recommends the musical Hamilton for studying.

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