21 Mumps Street

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In a world where people don’t get vaccinated, only one thing can save us. @#$%^ing SCIENCE! Photo by ZYG_ZAG

Cole Cheney, Matt Maves, Aline Sandouk and Dave talk about Cole’s revolutionary new idea to help antivaccers understand the consequences of their decision: create pop culture around everyday diseases! Yay! Write books, create movies, and television shows that deal with the issue! I’d watch a movie about measles in Disneyland, wouldn’t you?

Also, Iowa State falls victim to StateSnaps (during the show, Dave misunderstood–it wasn’t Iowa State’s idea, but rather students who started it). A US appeals court has ruled that Case Western Reserve had every right to dismiss a med student for his lack of professionalism at the end of his fourth year after he acquired a tidy little DUI (and also generally behaved like a dink throughout med school). Dave relays what he’s learned about Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a bizarre neurological illness characterized by its sufferers’ desire to have a limb amputated. President Obama announces a new effort to gather data on their complete genome sequences to use in personalized medicine research.

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