Imposter Syndrome–are we good enough?

kid doctor photo
“Trust me: I’m (going to be) a doctor.” Photo by AZAdam

This week we welcome new Short Coat podcaster Caroline Sanderson who, along with Aline Sandouk, Greg Woods, and Kaci McCleary are ready represent the modern medical student. Including the feeling that all medical students get from time when they’re faced with medical school, which is that they are just not good enough. Imposter syndrome, the unrealistic expectations, and maybe the pressure exerted by the newfangled integration of basic and clinical years in medical school may all play into it (special thanks to’s TheNightingale, who unknowingly sparked the discussion with his/her question).

Also, Yale researchers discover a gene variant that makes people more likely to get addicted to tanning; a new temporary-tatoo-based glucose monitor that leads to a genius idea from Kaci; A 17-year-old poses as a doctor at a Florida medical center, and gets away with it for a whole month until a patient realizes that boy doctors might shave at least occasionally; and the Brits suggest targeting the popular medical students to get flu shots first, since the popular ones cough all over each other, I guess.

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