The Multiple Mini Interview, the Prince of Funk, and the Erosion of Childhood

elderly photo
How ’bout if I come over there and shove my custom orthotics up your… Photo by Patrick Doheny

Alison Pletch, along with Cole Cheney, Aline Sandouk, and Lisa Wehr take a few moments to mourn the passing of Prince, and the fact that he died of something that wasn’t dramatic enough for his persona. Fortunately, Rayhaan of Montreal calls to ask how he can prepare for his med-school interviews, which will be in the multiple mini interviews format. Then, we discuss the idea that kids need to start preparing for medical school in high school, because children have too much childhood these days.

Meanwhile a recent study from the University of Melbourne suggests to Lisa that Dave should just sit in the corner on Thursday and Friday with the lights off consuming as few resources as possible. One thing Dave’s addled over-40 brain is good at is producing weird dreams, so we analyze a recent example in which the residents and their bosses want him to vacate his office but not before washing up a bit.

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