Doctors Without Borders, and the Future of Humanitarian Intervention

John Lawrence, MD
John Lawrence, MD

Dr. John Lawrence returns to the show to talk about MSF, or Doctors with Borders, as it’s known in the United States. Dr. Lawrence has been with the organization since 2009, and is the vice president of its USA board of directors. MSF has played a major role in delivering emergency aid during crises around the world. In 2014, the most recent year for which MSF has published statistics, the aid organization was active in more than 60 countries, most memorably in war-torn Syria and in West Africa with its Ebola outbreak.

The war in Syria continues, and while the Ebola outbreak has receded, MSF is still in West Africa as it works to transition from caring for survivors to supporting local healthcare systems to do the same. Med students Ethan Forsgren, Nico Dimenstein, Amelia Hurst and Sean Wetjen spoke with Dr. Lawrence about some of the future directions that MSF might consider in a world where humanitarian crises seem to happen every day.

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