A deadly pile of potatoes

potatoes photo
Photo by Nisha A

Lisa Wehr, Kaci McCleary, Dylan Todd, and Marc Toral discuss things of much import, such as why Dave’s iPad lock screen is a pile of dangerously toxic potatoes, and why it’s important to use the correct pronunciation of gyros but not other foods from foreign lands.  Also, uterus transplants are about to become a thing surgeons do in the US.

What about that Ben Carson, amiright?  He’s one smart cookie.  Docs like him are now able to use ultrasound to deliver chemo drugs through the blood-brain barrier without being all stabby about it.  And the Federal Office of Research Integrity hands down its verdict on former Duke researcher and HHMI investigator Anil Potti–hint: he’s not a great researcher, but he can still be an oncologist, so long as he stays in North Dakota, we imagine.

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