From a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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Tony Rosenberg, Alex Volkmar, and Doug Russo indulge their Star Wars geekery with Dave, entertaining the various Internet theories of Luke’s and Jar Jar’s importance, while Ellie Ginn sits in the corner wondering what they’re talking about.

Meanwhile, the crew discuss their “Early Clinical Experiences” and how great they were…except possibly for Tony’s. Also, a Columbian man dies from his tapeworm’s cancer.  A scientist prints out a simple chromosome, plops it into a hollowed out bacteria, and bam…it lives.  The FDA clears the use of a live herpes virus to treat melanoma, although the devil’s in the details.  A group of 17-year-olds design a simple, portable, cheaper self-adjusting tourniquet, proving that medicine’s status quo — expensive, complex equipment as the norm — is ripe for simplification an improvement.

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