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Are you under-caffeinated but hate the kind of caffeine that doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth?  Do you lack ways to describe unlikely illnesses and injuries with absurd specificity?  Then come along with us as Kaci McCleary, Dylan Todd (Todd Dylan?), Marc Toral, and Lisa Wehr explore medical news that makes us go hmm…

That’s right, caffeinated peanut butter is a thing, now, thanks to Steem Peanut Butter, Inc.  New ICD-10 codes are sweeping (a small portion of) social media, and doctors everywhere are relieved that they now have five times as many codes to search through during a patient encounter.  Researchers create an algorithm to filter out from a mass of EEG signals those specifically associated with leg movement so that a paralyzed man can walk. A new test can detect any and all viruses your patients have.  And a rapid genetic test halves the time needed to diagnose NICU patients’ genetic disorders.
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