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Sleeper Specialties: Nuclear Medicine


Medicine, Work-Life Balance, and Physics, together at last

Dr. Michael Graham, a seasoned Nuclear Medicine practitioner and professor at the University of Iowa, reached out to us recently because at a national level his specialty is experiencing a shortage of new residents. The reasons for this include a less-than-perfect fit with the way it’s traditionally been lumped into radiology, a field with some parallels but some important training differences.

M1 Fallon Jung, PA1s Olivia Quinby and Noah Vasquez, and M2 Jeff Goddard talk with Dr. Graham about how the field has evolved and changed the dynamics of patient care and medical practice.

Decoding Nuclear Medicine with Dr. Michael Graham

For those in the dark, nuclear medicine is the area of medical practice that uses radioisotopes for diagnosis and, increasingly, treatment. The secret weapon is the ability to see bodily function and metabolism unlike routine imaging.

One reason we think nuke med is a sleeper specialty is lifestyle–compared to some of the more procedural specialties like surgery or OB, there is a more regular schedule on offer. Dr. Graham suggests that those who might find a good fit with nuke med studied engineering or physical sciences, and he offers some pointers for students considering a career in nuclear medicine and how it intersects with the broader field of radiology.

Touching on future trends in healthcare, we discussed newer ‘theranostic’ agents – a combination of therapeutic and diagnostic modalities. This rapid and promising development offers targeted treatment – increasing effectiveness while minimizing side effects.

Ensuring Work-Life Balance

Dr. Graham also helps us answer listener Molly’s question: how do medical students and doctors achieve a balance between their work and their personal lives. The balance in nuke med, as Dr. Graham highlights, can be somewhat smoother than in other medical specialties.

More about our guest:

Website: https://medicine.uiowa.edu/radiology/profile/michael-graham

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It’s Here: AI Powered Studying!


UVA med students create app to find AnKing flashcards for you.

  • M3s AJ and Ananya, and M4 Mason get a visit from the medical student creators of the machine-learning app NovaCards.ai.
  • Shane Chambers and Jordan Bagnall (and their co-founder Charbel Marche) found themselves spending tons of time finding AnKing flashcards to learn pre-clinical medicine, so they did what any modern medical student with AI-building chops does: get a computer to do it for them, automagically!
  • NovaCards is especially useful during pre-clinical courses, but Shane also talks about how he’s been using it himself during clinicals–and you can join the fun for free.
  • We also discuss the state of (and barriers to) the use of artificial intelligence in medicine.

More about our guests:

Website: https://novacards.ai/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/novacards.ai/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NovacardsAI

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Do These Things to Manage Your New M1 Life


Study, but also make friends, join in, do things that give you joy, and keep being you!

salivary glands photo
Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

Listener Joseph starts medical school soon, and wants to know how to manage his new life as an M1.  Luckily Kylie Miller, Kalyn Campbell, Marisa Evers, and Erica Henderson (all veteran med students) can help, Joseph–bottom line, studying is paramount, but there are keys to success you need to remember.

Plus, we visit Yahoo Answers for some real-life health questions, including a couple that got Dave thinking about his own embarrassing problems.

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This Week in Medical News

Radiologists have begun to re-think something they’ve been doing to protect patients since the 1950s. The NIH and many others aren’t doing what they’re required to do with their research data, leaving important data unreported.  And for the first time, drug company executives have been sentenced to jail time for their roles in opioid addiction.

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A Stitch In Time Saves Swine.


proverb photoTwo questions this week from Short Coats!  Listener Luis wrote in to ask what books co-hosts Hillary O’Brien, Kylie Miller, Emma Barr and newbie Sahaana Arumugam consulted to find their paths.  And Mia wrote to theshortcoats@gmail.com to find out more about MS/DO or MS/MD programs and what they look for in their applicants.  And can we find patient-care uses for weird proverbs?  No, we can’t.  But it was fun to try.

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This Week in Medical News

This week Dave learned about “The Husband Stitch” much to his disgust.  North Dakota physicians no longer have to lie to their patients about drug-induced abortions; and long-ignored African DNA is finding its way into gene banks courtesy of a Nigerian health tech startup.

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Replaced by a bird.


photo: a turkey stuffed by an octopus, natch.
Cthurkey lives! Photo by @damana, used with permission.

This Thanksgiving, why not enjoy a Cthurkey while you contemplate the many health hazards embodied by America’s favorite celebration of gluttony?  And if you are a future radiologist, you might be as demoralized as Ellie Ginn, Tony Rosenberg, Dylan Todd, and Kaci McCleary were to learn about a UIowa/UC-Davis study that finds pigeons are just as good at it as you’ll ever be.

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