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To Live the Dream, You First Have To Get There.

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Ask “How are you?” of students in the hallways of the Carver College of Medicine, and you’ll hear them respond that they’re “living the dream.”  Okay, that’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but getting to live that dream is easier for some groups of people than it is for others. After Dave spoke to UI med student Terrance Wong about his plans to connect mentors with pre-meds who need them, especially minority pre-meds, Dave and Alison Pletch thought it’d be fun to get together with some of those very people and find out what they’re doing to prepare for medical school. What are the challenges they’ve faced? And what resources have they found to help them get there? Xavier Ferrer, Teneme Konne, and Waale Gbara–members of the University of Iowa’s Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students–join us with their personal stories. And if you are a student “underrepresented in medicine,” what have you learned on your journey to medical school? And what questions would you have asked that we forgot? Tell us!

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Post-acceptance anxiety, Match stats, and backup plans.

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Listener Oscar called in to find out what should he do about his case of nerves now that he’s been accepted  to medical school, and Lisa Wehr, Aline Sandouk, Marc Toral, and Dylan Todd have plenty of calming words for him.  They also discuss the statistics of 2016’s Match, why some people don’t match (do whatever it takes, ethically, to get good exam scores, people), and what people who don’t end up matching can do with their MD.  Some schools have even begun offering built-in backup plans for those folks.

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