Normalizing Human Behavior, Transvaginal Speakers, and Deflating Outsized Egos

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Photo by Bexx Brown-Spinelli

John Pienta, Cole Cheney, Amy Young, and newbie Rob Humble join Dave to discuss the recent winter break, the Rose Bowl, and Stanford’s half-time band performance.  We discuss doctors who are non-compliant with their own recommendations for patients.  Is that something they should be condemned for, or is it human nature?  And when patients are non-compliant or engage in risky behavior, should docs acknowledge that as normal human behavior and avoid shaming them for it?

Also, a Spanish doctor has created a transvaginal speaker to help fetal development, because expecting moms like that sort of thing.  Cole has seen a patient who is concerned about a recent change in their urine’s flavor.  He also laments that, because of public health concerns, he can’t get a straight-razor shave in Iowa and would like our great state to revisits its legal views on the matter.  And everyone helps Dave figure out what to do when he wins a billion dollars: create an endowed chair that would recognize and deflate outsized egos.

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