Losing the white coat, psych fears, and Internet questions answered


short-coat-petrie-dish2Cole Cheney returns from our state capital, where he’s been doing his clerkships at our kind-of satellite campus (more about this program specifically is here, if you’re interested). He and Kaci McCleary, John Pienta, and Rachel Schenkel talk about the differences between doing rotations in a teaching hospital and doing them in a community hospital. For example, how are community hospital patients different? And in that setting, what does it really mean if your patient is non-compliant? Cole reveals that he’s ‘afraid’ he’s going to love psychiatry and wants to know: are other students also wary of the specialty? We talk about the downsides of the field, as well as the rather big professional and caregiving upsides.

Meanwhile, the white coat–short or otherwise, along with ties, jewelry, and other dangling fashion statements–may be disappearing in an effort to eliminate hospital acquired infections. What effects will that have on patients, their understanding of who’s who in the hospital, infection rates, perceptions of status and hierarchy, and more? John leads us into a discussion of healthcare rationing, and argues that while folks get really upset about the idea, it’s already happening in a country that treats healthcare as a business. Kaci’s mom has a bug removed from her ear–something Dave hadn’t thought of as a possibility, thanks very much. And we answer some questions from Yahoo! Questions’ health forum, because we think we might be better at it than random Internet people.

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