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Vote For Your Patients


Election day is nearly here! Here are the issues you might consider

Disclaimer: We’re don’t intend to suggest you vote in any particular way, though we may discuss our own views. We’re wish to illustrate the connection between medicine and politics, and emphasize: no matter what you believe, vote for yourself and your patients!

Editorial note: one statement made in a previous version of this episode, that the origins of policing started as slave patrols in the south, is not completely accurate. You can read more about that common misconception here. We’ve removed that statement from the episode.

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The Shortcoat Potcast

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medical cannabis photo
Photo by new 1lluminati

Okay, now that I got my pot joke out of the way, we can focus on the episode, the topic of which this week is medical and recreational cannabis.  Nathan Miller, Kaci McCleary, Corbin Weaver, and Eric Wilson explore the attention marijuana is getting lately from the medical and legislative/legal communities.  On the medical front, what are the uses of pot?  Do we actually know anything useful about the uses of pot?  What are the ramifications of the legalization of recreational marijuana?  Have med schools caught up with these new views on pot?  Are there other countries that have successfully legalized MJ without collapsing into anarchy or suffering from the effects of potheads’ endlessly innovative bong-making drives?

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