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How Climate Change will Change Medicine


Physicians of the (all-too-near) future will face new challenges

  • Iowa College of Public Health Professor Peter Thorne visits with M4s Nathen and Zack, M3 Rick, and M2 Chirayu to look at what climate change means for doctors and patients in the future.
  • As seas rise and weather events become more and more severe, there will be changes to the kinds of conditions and people that physicians will treat.
  • Garrison writes in to ask us about a med school that just wants 90 credits and an MCAT–is it too good to be true?

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Fist Bumps, Ebola, and Too Many Teeth

Updated Bump Sign. Flickr: aaron_anderer

This week, Cole Cheney, Terrance Wong, and Lisa Wehr  marvel at an Indian boy’s odontoma and its many, many, many toothlets.  Also, how to decrease transmission of Ebola by using fist-bumps instead of handshakes and have the hippest clinic in the world all at the same time.  Also, Ebola.  The Second Fittest Woman On Earth hopes to do better, and how the future of pharmacology is imperiled by climate change.

Listen to Episode 039: Fist bumps, Ebola, and Too Many Teeth.

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