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Trust Means Everything


Without trust, medicine doesn’t work.

  • M4 Nathan, M1s Trent and Leon, and MD/PhD student Aline talk about the nature of trust–what it really means, how we trust ourselves and others, and what it means when it’s lost.
  • Trust is, after all, the thing that makes much of society possible–it’s the belief that people do not only what’s in their own interest, but what’s in the best interest of other people.
  • Medicine is a perfect domain to explore trust, given what doctors ask of patients and what patients ask of doctors.

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How do you solve a problem like the Food Babe?

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Science is hard!
Science is hard!
The blogosphere is full of science misinformation, and lately Food Babe has been getting an earful for her contributions to that steaming pile of nonsense.  If you don’t know her, you should because she’s on a mission to teach people how to eat ‘like the Food Babe’ because she knows what she’s doing–and those people she’s teaching are your patients.  Is her heart in the right place–she just wants people to know what they’re eating–despite her lack of scientific knowledge, and does that make it okay? How did we get to this place where whether something is food or isn’t food has to be debated? What can medical professionals do to counter misinformation patients find on Dr. Google?  Continue reading How do you solve a problem like the Food Babe?