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Trust Means Everything


Without trust, medicine doesn’t work.

  • M4 Nathan, M1s Trent and Leon, and MD/PhD student Aline talk about the nature of trust–what it really means, how we trust ourselves and others, and what it means when it’s lost.
  • Trust is, after all, the thing that makes much of society possible–it’s the belief that people do not only what’s in their own interest, but what’s in the best interest of other people.
  • Medicine is a perfect domain to explore trust, given what doctors ask of patients and what patients ask of doctors.

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Is Total Transparency the Best Medicine?


vasectomy photo
Oh, how knife for you. Photo by PunkJr

This week, Dave begs listeners for reviews at Stitcher and iTunes, because he craves validation.  And a listener tip (thanks, Twitter’s @Brady_Campbell) led Cole Cheney, Keenan Laraway, Matt Maves and Greg Woods to a discussion of one doctor’s campaign to get her colleagues to embrace total transparency–financial relationships with drug companies, personal values, the works.  Could it lead to more trusting doctor-patient relationship, or is it completely unworkable? And why did the mere suggestion of such a thing inspire such a vitriolic backlash from her colleagues?   Continue reading Is Total Transparency the Best Medicine?