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Sleeper Specialty: Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Ft. Dr. Brittany Bettendorf


A relatively uncommon specialty can help move kids with childhood diseases to adult care

  • In another in our series on “sleeper specialties,” we visit with Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (med-peds) doc Brittany Bettendorf.
  • M1 Alex Nigg and M2 Madeline Ungs learn about this lesser known specialty that combines the detective work of internal medicine with a focus on kids with childhood diseases, including managing their transition to adult care. There aren’t many residencies for med-peds, which alone makes it a sleeper!
  • And Dr. Bettendorf talks about her work in medical humanities at CCOM as a Medicine and Society course director, Humanities Distinction Track co-director, editor of our literary journal, and more.

More about our guest:

Website: https://medicine.uiowa.edu/internalmedicine/profile/brittany-bettendorf

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1970s Personalized Care?


Personalized medicine?  Or weird power dynamics?
Personalized medicine? Or weird power dynamics?

Senuri Jayatilleka and Eric Wilson have clawed their way to the surface of the M3-year waters to take a breath, and are ready to update Lisa Wehr on what they’re doing (and have been told they should do) to prepare for their fourth year (‘the promised land’) and matching. Time off, here they come! They share what they’ve learned about presenting patients, and the role the white coat plays in their education (hint: never let them see you sweat).
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