How Residents Cope, and the Costs of America’s Most Violent Sport

nfl photo
Keep those noggins safe. Photo by USCPSC

What can medical students and residents do to keep their chins up during their training? That’s what listener Ross–who has noticed the contrast between his happy med student co-workers and his crabby resident co-workers–wants to know. John Pienta, Gabe Lancaster, Jake O’Brien, and Matt Becker consider the question and the advice we gathered from residents. Also, with the news this week that Hawkeye alumnus and former NFL player Tyler Sash, who passed away in September, was a victim of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Jason Lewis joins in to examine the implications. Is football a worthy pass-time or is it a killer of young men? When parents ask their doctors for a sports physical, should their doctors be thinking about the risks? And when docs see kids with injuries caused by their participation in sports, do they need to consider their obligations as mandatory reporters of child abuse?

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