Guns and Butter

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Photo by Gamma Man

John Pienta’s been experimenting with his diet.   Aline Sandouk, Mark Moubarek and Corbin Weaver talk about the science and John’s experiences with a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.   He concludes that the medical profession is giving bad advice about what we eat and how nutrition works.  Plus, John drops some knowledge on how the combination of theanine and caffeine can improve cognitive performance (for goodness sake, ask your doctor first, none of us are qualified on this stuff).  And is the tide shifting against the National Rifle Association and America’s gun culture?

The American Medical Association’s reaction to the recent Orlando mass shooting is one sign, perhaps.  We discuss the US’s gun problem, the signal that open carriers send to people around them, the cultural components of using guns as a resolution to problems, and more.  Is increasing violence in America a sign that humanity’s immune system is kicking in?

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