Guns and Research

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Why are people shooting up the place? I guess we can never know! Photo by Martin Laco Photography

Even though Dave’s in NYC, he still finds a way to call it in (pun intended) for a show with Kaci McCleary, Corbin Weaver, John Pienta, and Jason Lewis. We discuss the possibility that most medical abstracts are at best wishful thinking and at worst fraudulent. And speaking of research, physicians get it together to petition congress to start treating gun violence as a fundable research topic for the CDC.

Since apparently no one can possibly know the reason for gun violence in this country, we discuss our own theories and the ways America reacts to it as a social issue. And Yahoo! Answers represents an opportunity for medical students to inform the public, because the public (judging by questions posted on Yahoo! Answers) is in desperate need of information.

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2 thoughts on “Guns and Research”

  1. I really liked this podcast up until this episode. I was introduced to the podcast through Ryan Gray’s podcast a few months ago and started listening from the first episode.

    TSC podcast has been a great resource and a way to get a little view into medical school life. The perspectives given within the show can be invaluable to a premed trying to get an idea of what it is like to make into med school. I certainly appreciate the time and effort that not only Dave, but the entire cast of students and faculty put into their appearances on the show especially considering the demands they have outside the podcast.

    That said, this episode is very polarizing to the point that it is probably offensive to anyone who does not wholeheartedly agree with the viewpoints expressed within the podcast. I would find it hard to listen to further episodes without being ready to skip forward several minutes or to the next episode. It is unfair to absolutely judge a person’s next words solely on the ones already spoken, but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t.

    I don’t think the podcast should change their format or personnel based on one opinion, least of all mine. However, I thought that if I was going to stop listening and stop promoting the podcasts to other premeds, it is only fair to make my complaint to the source first.

    Thank you for your time and best of luck to all,


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Mike. It’s hard to discuss many things these days without succumbing to polarization. Nevertheless, as we suggest in every show, if you have specific feedback to offer, please leave us a message at 347-SHORTCT so we can play it on the show and more carefully consider it.

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