Abolishing Step 2, Self-Electrocution to Treat Boredom, and More Answers to Internet Questions

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What is that, a mariachi band? Photo by University of Michigan MSIS

Recording on the eve of match day, Marc Toral, Amy Young, Matt Becker and new co-host Taz Khalid discuss a petition by Harvard medical students to abolish the USMLE’s Step 2 clinical skills exam as it’s too expensive, ineffective, and a waste of effort. Among our team, however, opinions vary.  And why no discussion on abolishing Step 1 (the test of basic science knowledge and concepts) on similar grounds?

Also we learn a new anatomical term: the weenus. Okay, it may be new only to Dave, but it’s best to be sure that we know about it and its differences from other homonyms. A group of studies claims to provide evidence that people would rather electrocute themselves than sit alone for 15 minutes with their thoughts.  This correlates well, it turns out, with Dave and Marc’s tendency to put 9-volt batteries on their tongues.  And we finish with a round of questions culled from the least-sad of those posted on Yahoo! Answers.  This, just by the way, does not necessarily  mean they aren’t sad, but our efforts to provide answers feels unusually educational.

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