A Leg Up for Non-Traditional Med Students: Learning the Ropes

noob photo
Photo by Andrew*

Dave is excited to meet some new people who are getting ready to don the short coat this coming week. Kylie Miller, Brady Campbell, Kyle Anderson are all new students at the Carver College of Medicine. Each of them would be called a non-traditional medical students, either because they come to med school with a college degree outside the usual pre-medical subjects, or because they took a break between college and medical school. This summer they all participated in the Introduction to Medical Education at Iowa program, and along with their teaching assistant Vivian Zhu, were adventurous enough to take the microphones for a spin. What other things these guys did to prepare for starting their medical studies? What barriers did they encounter along the way? Have they experienced any doubt? Have they considered the emotional challenges med school offers in addition to the hard work?

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