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Classroom Challenges and Global Goals


What the first semester of medical school is actually like

  • Short Coat co-hosts Brian Young (M1), Jeff Goddard (M2), and Fallon Jung (M1) discussed the challenges and experiences of medical school, including personal anecdotes about coping with stress, the demands of the curriculum, maintaining emotional well-being, the significance of peer support, and the importance of learning from both academic and personal experiences.
  • Brian talked about a student-led initiative, Nets for Nets, aimed at providing mosquito nets to a community in Southern Mexico, illustrating the blend of medical education with social responsibility.
  • Also, Dave shows his co-hosts pairs of images he got an AI to make, and his co-hosts try to work out which is the most like their actual medical school experiences thus far.

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Chew Blood

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Coming up on Food Television, it’s everyone’s favorite chef Jack Kewla! Photo by DerrickT

Hey, sports fans! This week, Aline Sandouk, Kaci Mcleary, John Pienta, and Cory Christensen talk about sports injuries, particularly football. Lately John Urschel of the Baltimore Ravens and Chris Borland of the 49ers have brought this issue back into the spotlight, as Boreland quits the game and Urschel continues despite risking the intellectual capabilities that have enabled him to be a published mathematician.
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