Selfie-Diagnosis, Fentanyl Anti-Doses

  • Dave’s been seeing a lot of videos on social media that suggest “You might have {insert condition} if you {insert experience or behavior that most people have or do to some degree}.” Which is great–it’s always nice to know that you are not alone, that your experience is not unique. But how should physicians work with a social media self-diagnosis?
  • There may some day be a vaccine against fentanyl, meant to protect against overdoses. This is great news, if it works out, because people die from fentanyl overdose every day. Who will get it, what affect it will have on anesthesia, and the parallels to how people view HPV vaccines will among the things we’ll be watching.
  • And Dave has co-hosts Jeff, Jacquelyn, Faith, and Riley practice their doctoring on each other.

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