Shakes on a Plane

John Boehner photo
Mr. Speaker, when you’re done with your call… Photo by DonkeyHotey

Miriam Murray and Keenan Laraway bring us tales from their residency interview trail, including Keenan’s real-life “is there a doctor in the house” moment during his flight from Washington to Chicago, with a guest appearance by John Boehner. Also with us are Corbin Weaver and Miriam’s brother Aaron, a simulated patient here at the CCOM who describes Dave Etler as “a genius.” Dave will likely invite him to be on the show again. This week’s news includes the story of a 17-year-old being compelled by the State of Connecticut to get chemotherapy for Hodgkins. Dave finds out there’s a gene for whatever substance underarm bacteria like to use to make us stink. Bacon as a nasal tampon to stop serious nosebleeds. The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 brings us myriad ways to collect your health data in excruciating detail that will cause your doctor to inwardly groan. Long term exposure to mild chilliness may offer a solution to the obesity epidemic.

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