The Most Important 21 Seconds of Your Life

urinate photo
Or just make sure police are more than 21 seconds away. Photo by futureshape

It’s the last show we’ll record this semester, and to mark it we’ll consider what went well for our hosts in their studies, what didn’t go so well, who helped them not go crazy, and what they’ll be doing differently in the coming year.  Also, some very important news about how long it takes all animals to urinate.  

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In addition to that loveliness, what the Darwin Awards have to say about sex differences between men and women in behaviors that don’t just remove the winners from the gene pool, but which couldn’t possibly have not removed them (spoilers: men are IDIOTS).  Emergency Medicine Technicians’ possible future role as routine primary care providers.  Childhood foot injuries as a predictor for adult obesity.  Physically removing clots versus clot-busting drugs. How we’re able to determine good versus bad smells.

Your Hosts This Week:

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