Barbie is a Terrible Computer Engineer

She's got this, move along, boys.
She’s got this, boys, move along.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a heaping slice of Greg Woods, Lisa Wehr, Cole Cheney, and Corbin Weaver who cover the attention Mattel’s Barbie is getting for being a shockingly bad computer engineer, and whether and how this sort of bias against the competence of women appears in medical education. Also, kissing and hand dryers are really gross. Medical school pranks (hint: if your E. coli swab isn’t growing, you might want to look at your lab partners). The results of many microbiome stories are being questioned due to contamination as a result of these young whippersnapper scientists who are jumping on the trend of microbial studies. Why keeping your chin up (when texting) may be a good idea if you’re having neck strain issues. Harvard’s Grant Study has for 75 years been offering info on how to have a happy life.

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