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Kaci's gift to Dave, which, after he is fired for being subversive, he will cherish.
Kaci’s gift to Dave, which, after he is fired for being subversive, he will cherish.

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Russo and Rob Humble marked the end of their first year on today’s show with Kaci McCleary, with a look back on what they’ve learned about being a medical student that they didn’t know on the way in.  We clear the docket with a couple listener questions that have been hanging fire, starting with listener Claire who writes in to ask: when it comes to choosing a medical school, is a prestigious school somehow better than the others?  Do they open doors for their graduates, and is sacrificing oneself to the gods of hard work in favor of those opportunities a good idea? We are, of course, happy to advise her.  Another listener question, from Jennifer, asked about the career opportunities available to MDs who also have a Master’s of Public Health degree.   Again, happy to help!

Also, Kaci gives Dave a present!  And we discuss Harvard’s secret meeting that explored the creation of synthetic genomes, including humans, and some of the lore surrounding one of the main players in that meeting, Harvard biologist George Church, who sounds like the kind of science loony who actually gets things done.  And we play a game for no other reason than to celebrate the end of the semester.

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