How to Get Into Medical School


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You’ve got the grades under control, right?  You’ve got your extracurriculars all planned, right?  You’re shadowing, researching, studying, panicking! Is it all going to be okay? Will I get into medical school?! WILL I?! Yes, you will. You know why? Because we’re going to reveal the secrets of the admissions process.

The process of getting in can be mysterious, and we’ll shed some light on it. Aline Sandouk and Kaci McCleary grill our Assistant Director of Admissions Amy A’Hearn, and also a shadowy figure known only as Dr. B, a long-time member of our admissions committee at Iowa. Together we’ll answer the questions you sent in, and the big implied question: “What do you people want from me?”

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  1. do you guys allow downloading your podcasts? Its quite difficult to listen to them on my phone. Please let me know if there is an easier way to listen through my phone except using an browser app. Thanks

    1. Absolutely, Eugene. Best way is to use a podcast app of some sort. There are many for all kinds of phones. Whichever you choose, just give it our feed address, and you’ll get new shoes automatically. Thanks for listening!

  2. Love finding other physicians with an online presence! It’s so hard to pursue activities outside of work sometimes so it’s refreshing to find other docs exploring social media.

    Check out my blog series on navigating the path to MD, from getting into medical school to ending up in competitive residencies like dermatology. My first post on getting into your dream medical school is here:

    A dermatologist’s guide to health & beauty

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