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I Can Taste the Gravy™ ft. The Vagibonds Podcast


Say Hi to The Vagibonds

Katee Verhoef and Elizabeth Shirazi enjoy sourpus science.

Katee Verhoef and Corbin Weaver, from the new show The Vagibonds Podcast are in the studio to talk about their work discussing feminism through the OB/GYN student lens, as well as how they never introduce their co-host who just happens to be familiar to the SCP audience.

Plus, we explore the taste of medications.  Right out of the research lab, they usually taste gross.  This is why pharmaceutical companies go to a lot of effort sweetening them up, otherwise you’d throw up instead of being soothed.  But Dave suspects that Big Pharma hasn’t fully considered the possibilities for how medicine should taste, so he devises one of his ‘experiments’ to test whether medicine should taste like ham and gravy baby food instead. Katee, Corbin, Elizabeth Shirazi and Hillary O’Brien help Dave test this medical marketing breakthrough (psst, GSK, call us!).  And listeners Evelyn and “Maynard” wrote in with feedback and questions for The Short Coats.  And Ryan Gray, MD of the Specialty Stories Podcast wrote in offering a clarification of our answer to Terel’s recent question.

This Week in Medical News

Perhaps a bigger breakthrough, however, is the news that the FDA is willing to consider evidence that MDMA (or ecstasy) could be a “Breakthrough Therapy” for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.  And what about the new genetically engineered T-cells designed to seek out and destroy childhood leukemia, which the FDA has actually approved?

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