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Physician Assistant Week!


A relatively new partner in medicine, the Physician Assistant has become vital to team-based healthcare


  • The Physician Assistant can do most things an MD can do, aside from prescribing certain kinds drugs, and they don’t usually practice independently.
  • Iowa’s interesting because PA students train with MD students during their didactics. This close contact means that trust is established early between the two professions.
  • PAs must amass so many hours of clinical activity before they enter school that they start with MUCH more experience than MDs usually do.

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It’s PA Week across this great land, and to celebrate we’ve got physician assistant students on the mic. PA2s Liz Patton and Chris Ball join M2s Rick Gardner and Brianna Wright to talk about their relatively young profession. Why did they choose to pursue a career as a physician assistant? What do PAs actually do, and how is it different from the jobs of other healthcare pros? What’s the training like? Let’s dive in!

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