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SCOTUS Changed Med Ed As We Know It with Dr. Abby hardy-Fairbanks


CONTENT WARNING: We’re discussing a controversial subject. The opinions expressed are not those of the University of Iowa or any other institution. Listener discretion is advised.

We try to predict the future of medical training in light of the fall of Roe V. Wade

  • Dr. Abby Hardy Fairbanks, medical director of Iowa City’s Emma Goldman Clinic joins co-hosts MSTP students Madi and Riley, and M2s Mao and Tyler to help us understand how the recent SCOTUS decision striking down abortion as a federally protected right will affect their training.
  • The changes may extend beyond OB-Gyn training to affect other specialties…as well as the trust that confidentiality brings to the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Also, Dr. Hardy-Fairbanks talks about the advocacy roles physicians can take on, from state-house lobbying to voting to just being there for their patients.  

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Did Match Day Implode?


How did COVID affect the 2021 Match?

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Match Week is huge for senior medical students. It’s the week they find out if they will continue their training (yikes!), and where in the country they will go to complete it…and this year’s match was even more-than-usually anxiety provoking due to COVID.

Were our fears–of large numbers of unmatched applicants, programs with many unfilled positions, and students unfairly penalized by virtual interviews–realized? We try to figure it out with the stats available to us just an hour before recording.

This Week in Medical News

Some Grand Rapids, Michigan residents were very bad on Instagram. Hey, future and current students–keep other peoples resected organs off social media, and while you’re at it, you really aren’t supposed to take pictures in the OR without consent. M’kay?

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