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Sleeper Specialty: Medicine Psychiatry ft. Andrea Weber, MD, MME


“A nice re-imagining of how healthcare could be delivered.”

  • It’s another sleeper specialty episode! This time we’re visiting with Andrea Weber, MD, MME.
  • Herself a graduate of the Carver College of Medicine, she is now assistant director of Addiction Medicine and associate program director of the Internal Medicine and Psychiatry residency program.
  • M4s AJ Chowdury and Nabeel Baig, M1 Fallon Jung, and PA1s Noah Vasquez and Julie Vuong quiz her about why she chose med-psych, the combined training she received, the different paths med-psych trainees can take, and much, much more. This is an info-packed episode!

More about Med-Psych:

[URL template for episode https://media.blubrry.com/theshortcoat/podcast.uiowa.edu/com/osa/CHANGETHIS.mp3]

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