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Oath Vs. Enterprise: Moral Injury in Medicine with Wendy Dean


Burnout is the wrong word for what’s ailing healthcare workers

  • The term burnout doesn’t really cover what happens to physicians and others in healthcare. Dr. Wendy Dean and others are coming around to the idea that what’s really happening is moral injury–what happens when you want to do the right thing but aren’t allowed to do it.
  • M1s Jeff, Faith, and Linda visit with Dr. Dean to talk about moral injury, what people are doing about it, and what still needs to be done.
  • Her book, If I Betray These Words, is available everywhere, and is a great read for anyone interested in knowing why their doctor can’t just do what’s right for their patient.

More about our Dr. Wendy Dean:

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Brown Girl, White Coat, ft. Saie Joshi

Saie Joshi via Instagram

Saie Joshi is a first-year med student at Baylor, but that’s not all she is.  She’s got a beautiful singing voice and a busy schedule advising med school hopefuls from her tight-knit Indian-American community.  And, of course, as she’s an up-and-coming podcaster we were excited to have her on as a guest co-host.  Aline Sandouk, Issac Schwantes, and Rob Humble spoke with Saie about her show Brown Girl White Coat, and about  ZDoggMD’s recent reflection on moral injury among physicians and healthcare providers.

Fittingly, we had a question from listener Jesse about his path forward after a bad first semester lead to a low graduating GPA.  Luckily Saie was on hand to help.

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This Week in Medical News

Scientists at Yale have found a way to partially re-start the brains of pigs hours after they were slaughtered, causing ethicists to clutch their inhalers.  The Feds rounded up more than 60 people including doctors and pharmacists in Appalachia charging them with opioid offences and fraud.  And a cure for bubble boy syndrome using HIV has changed the lives of 10 infants barring unknown future side effects.

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