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Choosing Your Clinical Education: Community Hospital or Academic Medical Center?


On this episode, M2s Nathen Spitz and Sahaana Arumugam, M3 Emma Barr, and MD/PhD student Aline Sandouk reminisce about simpler Halloween times, when the only thing to worry about was whether your costume was going to be on the sexy branch or the non-sexy branch of the decision tree. Emma gives us her thoughts on why it was a good idea to do her ‘core’ clinical clerkships (like Internal Medicine, Psych, and Peds) at community hospitals in Des Moines instead of at our academic medical center closer to home.

It’s time to vote in the US, and we reflect on why students absolutely must not ignore politics, and just how easy it is to get involved.

And, anticipating his friends’ need to one day be decision makers in medicine (and perhaps politicians?) Dave forces them to fight to the figurative death.

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Terrible Business Ideas for Medical Students


This time Lisa Wehr, Cole Cheney, and Zhi Xiong get to hear Dave’s many terrible business ideas for medical students.

Also, Zhi shares her enjoyment of studying for Step 2 CK and CS. A NY medical school proposes a terrorism-focused curriculum, which sounds nice. We view a trailer for the independent film Code Black created by an LA emergency medicine doc. Missouri is thinking about creating ‘assistant physicians’ to drastically shorten the intern year.  And Cole shares research that shows mice will readily use a running wheel and tell their friends about it, if you just set it in the woods where they live, thus paving the way for tiny mouse gym memberships and strip malls.

Listen to Episode 036: Terrible Business Ideas for Medical Students.

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