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Karma Bro, A Trumped-Up Doctor’s Note, and Sleepless in The Saddle

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Just doing his job? Photo by stevendepolo

After Martin Shkreli’s arrest, John Pienta, Marc Toral, Greg Woods, and Amy Young, discuss why Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli is so hated, given that capitalist enterprises have profit as their overarching goal–hasn’t he just done his job?  Meanwhile, two ongoing clinical trials have been experimenting on human subjects without consent. Those subjects: residents and their patients.  The experiment: what happens if hospitals return to the longer hours that prevailed for residents before they were restricted in 2011? We explore the limitations of consent, residents’ satisfaction with their working conditions, how many residents may not feel that restricting their hours is best for their patients, and what working and being a patient at an academic medical center means.

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Human Hamburger Meat

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Photo by Logan Donahoo

Matt gets in touch with a question:  does a mediocre academic history automatically destroy med school aspirations, or are there ways to fix that?  There are, and Amy A’hearn of our admissions office gives Matt a path to follow.  Lisa Wehr and Matt Maves discuss apps that seek to help poor people, a UK chef creating ‘human meat burgers’ to promote a popular television show (with recipe, so be sure to save this one for your next Walking Dead premiere party), and a special shout out to the first genetically modified babies, who are graduating high school in the coming year.  Please use your superpowers responsibly.

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