Introducing: The Short Couch!


The Short Coat presents The Short Couch with Natalie:

Med school is a challenge, a character building exercise, and sometimes, just a 4-year suck-filled existence. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s definitely not a time to go it alone. My friends, this is when we outta call in the reserves. The generations of med students and fully pimped doctors who’ve already made their way to residency somehow. So, don’t reinvent the wheel! Send the Short Couch your problems, and we will get you solutions! Or at least some decently thought-out suggestions from those who have been there.

But seriously, we welcome your questions, problems, or whatever you’ve got concerning life in medical school. Not just academics, but all of it. Want to see how others have handled serious long distance relationships or coming to terms with “just passing”? Well, call us at (347) SHORT-CT (that’s (347) 746 7828)—and if you want us to obfuscate your voice we can do that if you tell us to—or email us at, or come yell it at Jason and David in 1193 MERF. We’ll find people to talk. We have our ways.

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